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Happy Friendship Day 2018 Quotes In Bengali {New}

Happy Friendship Day 2018 Quotes Images In Bengali :  Hello Friends!!  Are You Looking For Friendship Day Quotes 2018 In Bengali OR Happy Friendship Day 2018 Bengali Quotes?. So Right Now You Are At A Right Place Here We Have A Unique Collection Of Quotes In Bengali For Friendship Day 2018.

If You Have A Bengali Friends And If you Want To Send  Images Quotes To Your Friends, In This Post We Posting A Unique Quotes For Bengali Friends.


Happy Friendship Day 2018 Quotes Images In Bengali

Friendship Day Quotes In Bengali 2018

Friendship Day Quotes For Bengali Friends 2018

Frienship Day Quotes Bengali Images 2018

Frienship Day Quotes For Bengali Lover 2018


  • Bondhu maane Paros Pathor

    Chulei pare sona Bondhu mane

    Lakkichara badon na manaa

    Bondhu maane Bhumi maje Cactus hoe thaaka

    Moner maje sreetigulo Fossils kore raakha.

  • Joto bhalobasaa peyechi tomaar kach thake

    Dustu aaii mon chai aro besi pete

    Kee jani tomar modhe ki ache

    Ke mon chai tomake aro besi kore kache pete.!!

  • Ador kore message dilam,

    Joton kore rekho

    Amar kothaa mone hole inbox khule dekho

    Valo jodi lage 2mar draft-e jayga dio

    Naa lagle delete kore dio.

  • Bristee Vejaa amar akaas,

    Monta tai vishon udaas,

    Udaas meghar sathe misti kaadon,

    Dui noyone ojhor srabon,

    Aami achi jemo temo, Bandhu tumi acho kemo?



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